Music by David Sisco, Lyrics by Leah Miles

Performed by MSUM students and faculty at Gaede Hall on Friday, March 4, 2016.

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The Bronx Zoo

Commissioned by Multi Sonic Evolution (MuSE), NYC


We all know what it’s like to want what we don’t have. But have you ever experienced getting what you wished for, even for a little while? In this one-act children’s musical, we meet Winston the Carrier Pigeon, transplanted at the Bronx Zoo all the way from the UK. Winston wants to hit it big as a performer in New York. But no one will give him the time of day. Even his best pal, Victor the Rat doesn’t want to hear his new material. It isn’t until the arrival of the zoo’s newest member, Bebe, a monkey from Brazil, that Winston’s dreams are crushed. Or are they? Watch how envy turns to empathy and then into the start of a lasting friendship in this musical that shows it’s better to love who you are than to wish for what you are not. 


Special Thanks to the original cast members and directors: Alaina Fragoso, Jonathan Perez, Eli Katz Zoller, Director Eric Mark Olson, Music Director Mark Evans

Sunday Roaster Chicken Showdown

Commissioned by Ugly Rhino Productions

The Brooklyn Lyceum, New York

Full Production: September 10th, 201

Mary is 40 years old. Mary has just lost her job. Mary has no other choice but to move back home with her parents. If only her parents would let her. Watch how Mary’s parents work their best reverse psychology in this ten-minute musical romp over an innocent chicken dinner.


Special Thanks to the original cast members and directors: Jane Blass, Doug Shapiro, Madison Stratton, Director Danny Sharon, Music Director Andrew Sotomayor