An escape from Hitler’s Germany and arrival to America promises A Brand New World in this coming of age tale about an immigrant girl, her family and her new friends, but still must face the realities of World War II raging on in the background.

A Brand New World is an original musical, set in 1941 New York as the Balbier family is just arriving in America, having escaped Hitler on the last train out of Nuremberg, Germany. The family moves into 1795 Riverside Drive with Uncle Eddie & Aunt Mary, who care for Stephanie like their own daughter, while helping her parents settle in to their new American life. As the backdrop of war rages on, we see her at age 15 making her way in a new school, with a new language, and new friendships to make that are about to change her world forever. Over the course of the next 4 years of the war, we see three best friends come of age and enter the workforce as they send their young men off to war. By 1945, everything has changed, nothing will ever be the same again…who knows what the future holds?!?


Recent Productions:

Three Act Theatre

Presented at Theatre Row, Clurman Theatre

A Brand New World Special Information

Three Act Theatre is a professional company of artists seeking to pass down the tradition of live theatre to generations of emerging talent through education & performance opportunity. Three Act Theatre is dedicated to the development of new works, the new exploration of treasured classics, and the kind of storytelling in each that challenges us to imagine and create a world in which we wish to live.

A Brand New World Cast Members:

Paul Thomas Ryan*, Minda Larsen, Paul Lutvak*, Deb Radloff*, Carolynn Seiff*, Robert Cueva, Arianna Zayas, Jason Patrick Shaffer, Athena Woodfin, Meredith Heller, Emma McNulty, Malia McLellan, Emma Spencer, Sadé Warren, Victoria Johnson, Gianna Chiriborga, Kiara Mazariegos, Milan Castro, Jack Hopkins, James Borrelli, Daniel Graf, Oliver Tam, Aidan Zusin, Theo Massie-Vereker, Oscar Salvaggio, Jordan McKenzie, Joshua Boyce

*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

A Brand New World Creative Team

Author: Eric Mark Olson & Leah A. Miles
Music: Andrew David Sotomayor
Lyrics: Eric Mark Olson & Leah A. Miles
Director: Eric Mark Olson
Choreographer: Jasmine Domfort
Producer: Three Act Theatre Company


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